Word Gets Out on Kasich 2020 Presidential Bid, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Swamp Drain

Make no mistake, the Republican establishment is not behind President Trump any more now than they ever have been. When President Trump miraculously won the 2016 election, he took power from the Establishment.  Not the Democratic establishment or the Republican establishment, but the Establishment, with a capital E.  The Establishment is not about Republicans and Democrats.  The Establishment is about money, power, influence and favors.  The Establishment is not interested in the good of the people or the prosperity of the nation as a whole.  The Establishment is only out to to benefit their elite group and they will do anything to keep their power!

During the 2016 presidential race, the Establishment used Ohio Gov. John Kasich in their last minute ploy to try to keep Donald J. Trump from winning the Republican nomination. Kasich, who had only won one state, his own, would not quit the race, insisting he could “win at the convention” and that he was “the only candidate with a chance to beat Hillary.” As usual, he was wrong.  Donald J. Trump beat out 17 worthy opponents to win the nomination.

John Kasich and Jeb Bush, card carrying members of the elite Establishment, were the only two Republican candidates that would never back Trump in the general election against Hillary Clinton.  They would not back Trump even though they had promised the American people they would.

Over the past few months largest super PAC to back Kasich’s 2016 presidential bid has become active again, emailing his supporters, soliciting donations and promoting the Kasich’s positions on national issues.

Kasich has also been slamming the Republican efforts to fix healthcare, quite a convenient stance when you know the outcome does not look good.  He slams the Republican efforts saying it is just like Obamacare because it is “not bipartisan”. Give me a break!

Now Kasich has written a book, “Two Paths: America Divided or United”, which is designed to compare his “vision” for America with Donald Trump’s.  What does someone do when they are going to run for president in three years?  That right, they write a book just like Kasich’s.

source: Facebook

Kasich is going on tour around the country promoting his book and using his book for fund raising.  His The super PAC has been offering signed copies of Kasich’s book for ‘FREE” in exchange for $150 donations.

(source: Daily Caller)

It’s too early early for Kasich to announce anything, even if he already has decided to challenge President Trump in 2020!  However, he’s raising campaign funds via a Super PAC and virtually campaigning against President Trump by pimping his anti-Trump book across the nation.  You can rest assured that when 2019 rolls around, if President Trump’s approval ratings are low and if Kasich’s bosses in the Establishment give him permission, we’ll see this Bozo run again.

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