Whoopi Calls Trump and Trump Supporters “Slavery Lovers,” All HELL BREAKS LOOSE. The Feedback is Brutal.

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David Axelrod, the former Chief Strategist for Barack Obama, has his own show CNN now.  How appropriate, right?  The blind liars leading the blind liars.

One of Axelrod’s  special guests was , none other than, former comedian, now co-host of The View, Whoopi Goldberg.  Whoopi and her co-hosts, with the exception of token conservative, Megan McCain, are well known Trump-haters.

The only one of the “ladies” of The View that spreads as much vile hatred, and as many ridiculous lies, as Whoopi would be Joy Behar.  I use the term “ladies” loosely.   (Video Below)


Once Goldberg sat down with Axelrod, it did not take her long at all to start bashing President Trump and ALL of his supporters.

Newsmax reports:

Liberal talk-show co-host Whoopi Goldberg said Saturday that “I don’t” say Donald Trump’s name “in conjunction with” his title as president of the United States because “I can’t wrap my mind around” his being the nation’s commander-in-chief.
“You never say his name?” CNN’s David Axelrod asked Goldberg, co-host of “The View,” in an interview.
I don’t,” she responded.

(Video Below)

Goldberg also calls President Trump a “schoolyard bully”, when discussing DACA, but then it gets worse.  She basically goes on to call President Trump and all his supporters “slavery lovers” who “never got over slavery”.  How can she get away with that?  If a conservative said something like that , it would be all over the headlines.  (Video Below)

(h/t: Mad World News)



Here is what some patriotic, “real” Americans had to say about Whoopi and her comments:

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