What Don Lemon Just Said About Trump On CNN Will Go Down In History As Day Liberals Lost USA


Don Lemon continues to bash President Trump for arrogant reasons. He loves to preach from his ivory tower at CNN.

He accuses Trump of fomenting division in America when it is more often Don doing the stirring up.

From The Daily Wire:

“This isn’t about some fake patriotism, about standing or some pageantry,” Lemon said on his show. “Real patriotism is understanding what the Constitution means for all Americans and abiding by the Constitution, not doing some false presentation that you pretend to be a patriot while other people are around you going to the concession stands, getting beer, or fights in the stands or talking to each other with their baseball caps on.”

“That is not real patriotism,” he continued. “Real patriotism is understanding that all of us are created equal and we have the choice to stand, kneel or sit, or even attend a football game if we choose to.”

“He cannot be a unifier. He cannot be the unifier in chief. I don’t know what it is about him that he can’t do it,” Lemon said. “It seems that this is an issue where he could actually bring the country together, bring the team and talk to team owners and players, and try to get them to come to some sort of consensus about this.”


Look, it takes two to tango and Trump has done more for African Americans than Obama ever did and maybe the NFL athletes can admit that and make an effort to find common cause with Trump, instead of the other way around?


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