Waters: ‘Make America Great Again’ Means Make America “WHITE.” Yes, She Really Said It.

Image Source: Swamp Drain

Swamp Creature Mad Max, who calls herself a “Democrat leader” is an absolute joke! (VIDEO BELOW)

She has called on President Trump to be impeached at every move he makes, while politicizing and trying to grow the democrat base with failed tactics.

Appearing on liberal MSNBC AM Joy, Mad Max now wants Congress to impeach President Trump over his comments regarding the NFL snowflakes who are disrespecting the flag, police officers, and our veterans. She wouldn’t dare take her loud, racist mouth to Fox News(VIDEO BELOW)

#TakeTheKnee isn’t about freedom of expression or anything noble. It’s about the conceit and vanity of self-absorbed, slacktivist millionaire athletes who want more attention and NFL’s manic leftism.

Is it racist to show patriotism to AMERICAN FOOTBALL AND THE AMERICAN FLAG? Maxine waters thinks so. The democrat party is becoming the party of Anti- Americanism. (VIDEO BELOW)



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