WATCH Diamond and Silk HUMILIATE Obama after calling Trump’s Davos Speech ‘Phenomenal’.

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Not only do Diamond and Silk Critique the President’s speech, calling it ‘Phenomenal’, they also weigh in on on Barack Obama’s Failed Policies, and tell us how they REALLY feel about DACA

Two of our favorite Trumpsters, Diamond and Silk, were LIVE on FOX and Friends this morning.  The ladies were on immediately after President Trump finished his “America First” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


“The Obama administration Obama went around apologizing and selling Americans and American people down the drain (“drain”) by signing in these trade deals. We want fair! We want to make sure that we have economic opportunities over here for Americans and Americans have jobs too.”  Diamond


“Another point that I love is the fact that he’s (President Trump) is letting people know and understand that we are the “United States” not “the divided States”   Silk


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