(VIDEO) YOU’RE BEING LIED TO FOLKS!! Republicans are Racists, Right?? The BIG LIE about the BIG SWITCH!!

Dinesh D'Souza Youtube screenshot

For years there has been a myth that at some point in the mid 20th century the racist Democratic Party and the non-racist Republican Party suddenly and miraculously switched. All of a sudden the Republicans just turned into racists. Today many people, including many Republicans, still believe this myth.  It is 100% untrue.  Pure hogwash.  (VIDEO BELOW)

This young lady, Emma Capps, with help from Dinesh D’Souza, does a fantastic job of explaining this myth and the background behind it.  Let us know what you think. (VIDEO BELOW)

Please watch this and SHARE this with all your like-minded friends.  The crooked liberal media tries there best to hide the truth whenever it is inconvenient for them.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Factoids from Emma’s transcript:

* More Republicans than Democrats voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act

* The 13th amendment which abolished slavery passed with 100% Republican support. 77% of Democrats voted AGAINST it.

* The Fourteenth Amendment which gave black citizenship and equal rights passed with 94%of Republicans support.  100% of Democrats voted AGAINST it.

*The Fifteenth Amendment which gave slaves the right to vote passed with 100% of Republicans supporting it.  100% of Democrats voted AGAINST it.

* The Ku Klux Klan was a group of crazy racist Republicans right?  WRONG!!!!!!

* The 1924 Democratic National Convention is even called the Klanbake because the Democrats refused to condemn the KKK.

* The “BIG SWITCH” is a BIG LIE.  Less than one percent of racist Democrats actually switched to Republicans.  During the 1930 ‘s many blacks became Democrats because of the New Deal. Southern whites became Republicans in the 1970s because of economic issues.

* Lyndon Johnson, who finally signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was one of our most racist presidents.  He signed it because he had to based on the timing.  He used blacks for his political advantage and the Democrats continue to use them to this day.

For more information we strongly recommend that everyone watch Dinesh D’Souza‘s incredible film HILLARY’S AMERICA: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Everything in this article came from that movie.

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