(VIDEO) Liberal Loonies- Whoopi & Behar: “Trump Has to Step Down Before Inauguration!”


We need your help! The left is unhinged and out of control! (VIDEO BELOW)

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar have been uncontrollably venomous toward President-elect Donald Trump on “The View,” spewing their hatred and liberal agenda day after day.

A week after saying that Trump might be mentally ill, Behar said that Trump should “step down before his inauguration.

(WOW!! Just wow.)

The hosts discussed reports that the CIA concluded Russia interfered in the election by giving Wikileaks hacked emails from the DNC, as well as from John Podesta.

(Who was their SOURCE? Clinton News Network? Or the Washington Post article that was DEBUNKED?!)

Whoopi argued that the cyber-attacks affected the outcome of the election, while Behar questioned why no damaging information on Trump or Republicans was released.

(That’s funny because the mainstream media tried to use damaging tactics toward Trump.)

Goldberg said if this happened in another country’s election, the U.S. government would be strongly objecting to the result.

Behar then went after Trump and his supporters for “discrediting” the CIA, arguing that it is putting the country at risk.

Isn’t it time for him to step down? He has to step down before the inauguration, before they give him the nuclear codes. We are at risk when the President of the United States is fighting with the CIA. That is a terrible thing,” Behar said.

Just days ago, Barbara Walters – “The View’s” co-creator and longtime host – was reported to have criticized the show’s current direction since her departure. Sad.

h/t Fox News

What kind of DRUGS are they on?!?! We need your help! The left is unhinged and out of control! These women have got to go. Time for them to leave “The View.” Don’t you agree? I urge everyone to start writing letters, calling the show, email, ect. Whoopi and Behar HAVE GOT TO GO!

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