(VIDEO) Ivanka Trump Makes NEW Surprising FIRST LADY Announcement!

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Rumors have been floating around about our nation’s First Daughter. Is it possible she will act as First Lady with Melania Trump not moving to the White House right away


No! Ivanka Trump will not fill in for Melania as First Lady, saying such rumors are “inappropriate.” However, she is moving into the neighborhood! 


Ivanka is highly educated, successful, and would be an excellent First Lady, but she leaves that role to the First Lady, Melania Trump.

When asked what she tells her children about their grandfather’s role as president, Ivanka said:

I tell them that their grandfather is going to Washington D.C. with the hope of helping as many people as he can.”

Ivanka does hope to help her father accomplish that goal, maintaining that her move to Washington will keep her in close reach of the White House where she plans to do everything she can to support her father.

One thing is sure, Ivanka and Melania are both big steps up from Michelle Obama. These two actually have pride in our country!

(h/t Angry Patriot Movement)

Are you proud to have Ivanka Trump as the First Daughter in The White House?  She and Melania are classy, educated and well respected women. Ivanka is a great role model for our young women and she will make a wonderful First Daughter!

If you think Ivanka will make the BEST First Daughter, share this for her and let us know what you think!


Trump Is Shocking America With A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT About The White House!


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