(VIDEO) AWESOME!!! HERMAN CAIN: We’ve got a new Sheriff in town and his name is Donald Trump.


You’ve just got to love Herman Cain.  He is a man who just flat out tells it like it is.  Thursday morning on FOX News he was asked his opinion on Obama and his handling of the transition to the Donald Trump administration.   They also asked Mr. Cain what he thought about John Kerry’s speech on Israel yesterday. (VIDEO BELOW)

Here’s what Herman had to say.  Watch this!  You will love it!


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Posted by TD Newswire on Thursday, December 29, 2016

partial transcript:
FOX: Nice to have you here. What do you think? Will these, what we expect to be sanctions at the earliest today, by the US firing back at Vladimir Putin, how much impact will they have?

Herman Cain:  Zero! We have a new sheriff in town. His name is Donald J Trump. Obama is trying to go out with some hyperbole. Mr. Tough Guy, after eight years of Vladimir Putin kicking him around and basically embarrassing this nation, he is now trying to go out with some hyperbole. That is all.

FOX: What do you think is really happening behind the scenes? Is President Obama being helpful? Or is he going to be an obstructionist all the way until the end?

Herman Cain: President Obama is being hurtful. He’s not being helpful. Secondly, he’s already trying to position himself as a spoiler during the Trump administration. That’s sad!  Because George W. Bush set the example. He said I’m going to shut up, get out of sight and let the new president be president.This president isn’t doing it during the transition and he’s probably not going to do it after President-elect Trump takes office.

On a lame duck presidency and  Israel

Herman Cain: They haven’t tuned out but now they’re afraid of what Obama could pull in these last few weeks. That speech by (John) Kerry yesterday was a perfect example of this deceiving and misleading the American people to believe several flaws assumptions. Number one: A two state solution is not the only option. Number two: We never talked about the fact that Israel has come forward multiple times with a proposal for peace and the Palestinians walked away from it every time. They don’t want peace! The Palestinians, that’s the third flaw. They don’t want peace! They have said they want Israel destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth.


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The liberal media only pushes their agenda . It’s up to Trumpsters on social media to get our views out. Thank you!!



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