ULTIMATE BEAT DOWN! Judge Jeanine Opens A Can Of Whoop A$$ On Comey!

Image Source: SwampDrain.com

On Saturday night’s opening of Judge Jeanine she dominated the airwaves with some choice words for former FBI Director James Comey. The judge destroyed Comey with a knock-out punch, expressing exactly what America is thinking. (VIDEO BELOW)

It’s high time people wake up and realize President Donald Trump is the WRONG person to mess with. Dirty tactics against our president will get shut down, and you’ll be shown the door. (VIDEO BELOW)

Judge Jeanine came out swinging addressing Comey’s high and mighty arrival before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and blasting him for calling President Trump a liar. She notes Comey, who played the victim card and claimed he was “defamed,” is now broken. The Judge points out how many times Comey spent talking about HIS emotions, and questions if has illusions of grander. Being a team player is not in Comey’s DNA. (VIDEO BELOW)

“The truth, Jim, you’re a political operative. You always have been. One who is addicted to drama, addicted to center stage. But, like the main character in all Greek tragedies, your downfall is a consequence of a tragic flaw. A major weakness. Your hubris.” 


Watch The Judge rip Comey a new one below:



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