Trump Sets Internet On Fire, Wipes Smirk Of CNN’s Jim Acosta Face In Humiliating Fashion (Video)

Source: MAGA Fan Club

President Trump held a brief conference in the Oval Office Tuesday after his meeting with President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan ended. (VIDEO BELOW)

This is standard stuff – the President invites the press into the Oval Office for a quick photo-op and a few handshakes and smiles.

This meeting is minor, but to the people of Kazakhstan it is a big moment when their president gets to have a sit down with the leader of the free world inside the Oval Office.

It is an honor and the press usually behaves and just takes their photo’s and leaves. (VIDEO BELOW)

But not CNN’s Jim Acosta, otherwise known as the thorn in the side of Sarah Sanders. The guy literally started shouting questions at President Trump.

Ignorant questions.

He asked Trump if he wanted “more immigrants from Norway” to which Trump said he wanted them “to come in from everywhere.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Trump stayed cool and ignored him but Acosta kept screaming like a child and a press aide had to step in and shut him down.

But Jim would not take no for an answer and kept up his disrespectful line of questioning until Trump had enough.

He looked at Acosta, pointed his finger and said, “get out.”


The hapless Acosta did tweet:

Try showing some respect next time Jimmy.


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