Trump Just Won! Court Just Gave The President News That’ll Make Democrats ANGRY

Source: Flickr

President Trump just got some terrific news today from from a New York Appeals court. They reached a verdict that no one can collect damages for defamation if President Trump insults you on Twitter.

Republican strategist Cheryl Jacobus accused the Trump of sending a “virtual mob” to attack her after she went on TV and questioned whether he was fit for office.

In response Trump called her a “real dummy” and “major loser” and also claimed that she begged him for a job, while she insists that isn’t true.

She tried to seek $4 million. She failed, and her lawyer said that it was, “not a happy day for democracy.” (LOL)

A five-judge panel reached the verdict Tuesday in Manhattan, agreeing with New York Judge Barbara Jaffe who defended Trump’s “intemperate tweets” as protected by the First Amendment, despite chastising them as intending to “belittle and demean.”

The appeals court wrote that Trump’s tweets were “too vague, subjective and lacking precise meaning” to qualify as defamatory and were protected speech.

Tuesday’s decision will likely give comfort to the president’s legal team, who are currently fighting a different lawsuit from a former “The Apprentice” contestant who contends that a tweet calling her sexual assault allegation a lie also qualifies as defamation.

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