Trump Fans Put Biden On Notice With Huge Boat Parade in Blue State of Rhode Island


Trump fans in the blue state of Rhode Island put Joe Biden and the Democrats on notice today with a massive Trump boat parade.

Some in the crowd estimate over three hundred boats participated in the pro-Trump parade. Enthusiasm is contagious and that is not good news for the Democrats.

Some on Twitter remarked:

“Trump Boat Parade from Newport, Rhode Island to Colt Park, Bristol, Rhode Island.”

“Trump Supporters on land cheer on #TrumpBoatParade in Rhode Island!”

From The Providence Journal:

Terry and Joe Lorenz of Portsmouth stood close to the water’s edge at Colt State Park on Sunday afternoon. Terry proudly held an enormous Trump flag, and the couple beamed as they watched the parade of boats, many sporting flags like the one Terry held.

“I feel emotional. I’m proud to be here,” Terry said. “I am a Republican and I’m proud to be a Republican.”

“I like [Trump’s] spirit, I like his patriotism,” Joe said.

Terry and Joe were two of the roughly 2,000 people, an estimate from Park Ranger Grayson Caron, who arrived at the state park waterfront Sunday to soak in the pro-Trump boat parade, organized by Laura Larrivee of Barrington.

“It was a greater turnout than Independence Day,” a historically crowded day at the park, Caron said. He noted officials there called off max capacity at the park and cars were allowed to park in typically prohibited areas because of the sheer volume of people funneling in.

A petty officer with Coast Guard Station Castle Hill estimated that around 300 boats participated in the parade.

Boaters who took part in the parade gathered at the Newport Pell Bridge at 11 a.m. and made their way to Bristol, where they rode by Colt State Park, an optimal vantage point for those who wanted to catch a glimpse. The boats arrived at the park around noon, and the parade ended in Warwick, a seaman with Coast Guard Station Castle Hill confirmed.


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