Trump Comes Forward, Wipes Arrogant Smirk Off Obama’s Face In Most Humiliating Way

Source: White House Screenshot

President Obama once again has egg all over his face. His favorite supporter of terrorism, Iran, is once again showing what a total failure Obama’s foreign policy was.

In Iran, as Fox News reports, “thousands have called for the theocratic regime to end, in a reprise of the so-called “Green Movement” of 2009, when protesters clashed over elections and called fruitlessly on the U.S. to support their cause. That protest movement ended with the arrest of hundreds of students, political figures, and dissidents.”

Correct. Obama sat on his hands as the world burned and did nothing but embolden our enemies. Iran is a perfect example – most don’t know their society is young and not aligned with the hard-line mullahs and actually wants more freedoms enjoyed by the west, not less.

As Breitbart points out Obama blew a huge opportunity when he said in 2009 “we respect Iranian sovereignty and want to avoid the United States being the issue inside of Iran.”

Wrong – what brought down communism was a steady diet of freedom that the people wanted but were not allowed to have.

The same situation could easily take down the corrupt government of Iran if but we just gave the people who want freedom a little support.

Susan Rice even begged Trump to be quiet to “help” the people of Iran.

What a fool.

Obama was afraid to do it, afraid to support freedom, but Trump is not and that more than anything is the reason we overwhelmingly elected him to lead the free world.


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