Top Hollywood Actor BLASTS Obama for coming just “short of OUTRIGHT TREASON”.

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No one in liberal Hollywood has more common sense and bigger b*lls, than actor James Woods.  Over the last two years, Woods has become a conservative hero on Twitter.

Woods calls the liberals out for their corrupt BS, time and time, again, and he’s not afraid to tweet about.  And, tweet he does.

Many of his tweets are humorous but, in light of the latest FISA Memo revelations, he’s not joking around this time.  This time it’s not funny and he’s 100% serious.  (see Tweet below)

Woods Tweeted:

“This action by the Obama administration was an abuse of the constitution and an assault on our cherished Republic. He and his henchmen deprived American citizens of the right to a clean and fair election. There is no greater violation of American ideals short of outright treason.”

He also calls out Obama in this one:   (More tweets below)

is not a political issue anymore. This is pure rot in the very gut of our Republic. Obama and his cronies are dancing on the razor’s edge of criminal culpability.

and this one:

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