They MUST be STOPPED! Hannity says these FIVE are GUNNING for Trump! This is SICK!

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Sean Hannity just called out the five prevailing forces that have aligned to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency. These snakes include the “destroy-Trump propaganda media,” the Democrats, the Washington deep-state establishment within the bureaucracy, establishment Republicans, and  the “NeverTrump-ers.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Hannity in his opening, reiterated that the same media and liberal crackpots that colluded with Hillary Clinton, have been on a mission to smear and slander President Trump around the clock. They are in “intense take-down Donald Trump mode.” (VIDEO BELOW)

The media has become completely unhinged, calling their collective outcry a case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“The truth does not matter to these people that call themselves journalists!” 

Hannity said these forces are “wetting their pants” over the James Comey memo (which has now been debunked). And, explains that the media, globalists, and others are “directly threatened” by Trump’s success. (VIDEO BELOW)

“If the president succeeds, they fail,” he said. “Their shock [at his win] has given away to anger and real bitterness.”


Trump Army, it’s time we stand strong together and fight back! We took our country back from corruption, but President Trump is being attacked from all sides. When they attack President Trump, they attack us. You and me. We believe in our President and his many promises to us. Many of you have been laying low since the election. Now is the time to rise up again, showing your support, to rid of the snakes surrounding him. Let’s get this TRUMP TRAIN rolling again. Do you stand with President Trump? Are you with us? Time to Clean house and Completely DRAIN THE SWAMP! (h/t Fox News)



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