Ted Cruz Gets Great News AS Beto Comes Crashing Down To Earth After Hand’s Caught In Cookie Jar


What goes up must come down as this liberal wannabe just learned the hard way. Look, Ted Cruz is in a political dogfight and voters don’t like this nonsense.

It’s way more swamp than Texas and that is a break for Ted Cruz.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s senate campaign was flagged by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Sunday for accepting “excessive” and “impermissible” donations.

The FEC notified O’Rourke that a preliminary review of his campaign’s July quarterly report showed contributions from one or more individuals with addresses outside of the United States. Donations were also made that “exceed the limit” determined by the federal government. O’Rourke has 45 days to respond.

The warning from the FEC came on the same evening that O’Rourke was scheduled to debate Sen. Ted Cruz at the University of Houston. The El Paso congressman declined Cruz’s invitation to the debate, instead live streaming his repeated attempts at making a campaign ad. O’Rourke notably avoided committing to any debates against Cruz for weeks during the summer, and even bowed out of the first tentatively scheduled debate saying he was unhappy that he didn’t get a big enough say in the terms.


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