Jake Tapper takes a Public THRASHING! The Sheriff and the Pitbull Don’t Hold Back.

Swamp Drain

Two patriots, Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Sheriff David Clarke were on FOX News with Sean Hannity last night.  They had an extremely interesting conversation about the New York terrorist attack and they all called out fake news CNN’s Jake Tapper for his “Allahu Akbar is beautiful” comments.


Dr. Gorka aka “THE PITBULL”: 

“I’m still trying to struggle with what kind of mind goes on live television, as seven bodies are on the streets of Manhattan, and a child, and then talks about the beautiful phrase “Allahu Akbar”.  Where does that motivation come from, for Jake Tapper? The desperation of trying to explain they did this because of animus to America, or our foreign policy.


I’ve got a newsflash for Matthews, for Jake Tapper, for the former president United States, you know what why what happened?  Yesterday happened because they hate who we are and what we stand for.  We are the pinnacle of judeo-christian civilization. We believe in the dignity of the individual. We believe in liberty and democracy.  That’s why they are coming here to kill us.

President Obama yesterday tweeted after the attack that an attack had happened in Manhattan.  It wasn’t an attack, Mr. Obama, it was a jihadi terrorist attack.”


Sheriff Clarke:

“There’s some good news here.  President Donald Trump is the only elected official in the Beltway in Washington DC who gets it. I heard his press conference this afternoon. It was brilliant.  It was spot-on.  Not only has he identified the enemy and identified what the problem is, and he did it during his entire campaign.  I think it’s one of the big reasons he got elected but he’s also going to do something about it. It was great .

I was glad to hear that he’s gonna suspend this crazy diversity lottery program until Congress can get their act…. Congress has been a problem too, both parties, it refused to tackle immigration to make this country safe. But you know, like I said, we got a commander-in-chief now who’s gonna do everything in his power to keep us safe.”


Posted by Swamp Drain on Thursday, November 2, 2017

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