Spicer Goes BALLISTIC! After UGLY Media Attacks Sarah, WATCH Spicer Tear Them Apart

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On Tuesday, former press secretary Sean Spicer made a surprise appearance on Fox & Friends for an interview. (VIDEO BELOW)

During the interview, Spicer was asked about his reaction to the recent fake news LA Times article written by David Horsey, where he shamelessly attacked press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sander’s physical appearance in an article.

David Horsey wrote, “By comparison, Sanders looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids games.”

Brian Kilmeade asked Spicer his thoughts about the article written, and if he thought it was appropriate.


Spicer wasn’t having it and shot back ripping David Horsey and the crooked liberal media saying:

“I think Sarah does a phenomenal job. She is a great person. And, it’s interesting to me that so many of the media love to take pot shots when they think things are out of bounds and inappropriate, and yet the deafening silence from so many of these same individuals who are so concerned when attacks get lobbed from members of the Republican party.” Sean Spicer


“When it’s another member of the establishment media, a quote, ‘Pulitzer-prize winning, well-established journalist,’ makes these disgusting kind of comments about somebody’s appearance, there is a deafening silence from so many of these network anchors so easily appalled at some of the other comments. I find it so interesting to me the ONE-SIDED foe they have,” Spicer added.

Shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a slam against women and the left should know better. SHAME ON THEM! She’s wholesome, intelligent, loves her family, and doesn’t care what a bunch crooked liberals reporters think. Remember, when the argument is lost, the losers resorts to slander. Also worth noting, liberal beta males can’t handle when smart and beautiful comes in the form of a conservative woman! We love Sarah Huckabee Sanders!

Watch Sean Spicer rip the crooked liberal media to shreds: (VIDEO BELOW)

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