Soros’ TWERP Disrespects Mama! She’s a Trump Supporter! WATCH THIS!

Swamp Drain

President Trump spoke in Youngstown, Ohio last night to a packed house of enthused and eager supporters. There’s nothing like a Trump rally to get you pumped up about America. (VIDEO BELOW)

Much like his campaign rallies, the huge crowd of Trump supporters erupted into a “CNN sucks!” chant while President Trump turned to face them, and allowing the cameras time to pick up the chant from the press box. HILARIOUS! (VIDEO BELOW)

During the rally, a snowflake anti-Trump protester was removed from the event by security. The protester was a young man who was angry he was being removed. President Trump stopped talking and turned around to watch security remove him from the rally. Then, President Trump turned back to the microphone, snickered a bit, and jokingly told the crowd, “He’s a young one. He’s going to go back home to mommy. Boy’s he in trouble. He’s in trouble. And, I’ll bet his mommy voted for us!” (VIDEO BELOW)



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