SICK!!! Look What “Peaceful” Anti-Trump Protesters Did To Lady Trump Supporter’s Hair. This is Despicable!

Youtube screenshot

What you are about to see happened at a “peaceful” Anti-Trump rally during the inauguration festivities last Friday. Some of the Trump supporters were peacefully mingling with the protesters, getting some photos with them, and even chanting “love trumps hate” along with them.  (VIDEO BELOW)


Then something sick and disgusting occurs….if you agree, please SHARE everywhere. The liberal media will hide this. WATCH!!


Youtube screenshot

What is really sad is that these are the type of things that so called peaceful protesters do all the time. There just happened to be a camera there to catch this one!

If a Trump supporter did this to a protester, it would have been all over the national news. Instead no one knows about it, because the liberal media will NOT show it!

If you think this is flat out WRONG and this woman should be punished, please SHARE this now! Thank you!!  🙂

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