SHOTS FIRED! Moments Ago Trump Sent A WARNING to North Korea Heard Around the World

Image Source: MAGA Fan Club

On Thursday, President Donald J. Trump¬†discussed a range of issues, from countering the threat from North Korea, Crooked Hillary losing, the DNC servers, to Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion. (VIDEOS BELOW)

This is the first time in a long time we’ve had a REAL leader who stands up to our enemies, and President Trump just issued a strong warning to North Korea- to fat boy Kim Jung Un. We finally have a President who doesn’t back down, nor make us look weak. President Trump is proving every day to be a man of tremendous integrity. He has stuck to his promises, and hasn’t compromised or given in to the hatred of the left.¬†(VIDEOS BELOW)

Do we want a President who does nothing for 8 years, or do we want a POTUS who tells the whole world we aren’t a bunch of wussies? We WILL not tolerate rogue nations threats! We at Swamp Drain personally prefer a POTUS with with a spine, vs a POTUS who draws a red line and does nothing. Thank you President Trump!¬†(VIDEOS BELOW)

“He’s not getting away with it. It’s a whole new ballgame… Let’s see what he does with Guam. He’s not going to go around threatening Guam… That’s not a dare, as you say, that is a statement of fact.” pRESIDENT TRUMP



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