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Tuesday during the White House briefing, the President’s doctor briefed reporters on results of President Trump’s physical. (VIDEO BELOW)

Dr. Jackson said, “The purpose of the exam was to provide the public with an update of the president’s current health status, and ensure the President continues to enjoy all the benefits of good health.”

The results are that the President has a VERY GOOD GENETIC COMPOSITION and is in EXCELLENT HEALTH.

(Click here for the full report from President Donald J. Trump’s periodic physical examination performed during the month of January 2018.)

After Dr. Jackson took questions from all the reporters, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to the podium next, where she smacked down the reporters one by one. Today’s briefing was one meltdown after another. (VIDEO BELOW)

When asked about the DACA meeting last week, Cecilia M. Vega, senior White House correspondent for ABC News asked Sarah, “Does a good deal then include preferring white immigrants from Norway than black and brown immigrants from Haiti?”

EXCUSE ME?! The liberal press pool is unhinged and deranged!

Sarah immediately stopped her in her tracks saying, “No, in fact it’s actually the opposite. Because, by definition a merit-based system is colorblind. It’s not basing it on any of that criteria. It’s not based on race, it’s not based on religion. It’s based on country of origin. It’s actually based on the merits of whether or not this person is going to be contributing to society.”

Sarah explained in detail that it’s a merit-based system, and a system that most Democrats supported and voted for just years ago! But, now that President Trump is championing for it, democrats are showing absolute signs and definitions of what hypocrisy looks like. (VIDEO BELOW)

“Democrats need to quit playing politics, and start doing what they were elected to do, and that is governing, and they need to come to the table with a real deal based on the parameters that were discussed. Let’s try to get something done for the American people.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders

BOOM! Watch Sarah in action below:

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