SHAMEFUL: April Ryan Just INSULTED Every White Woman On Live TV

Image Source; MAGA Fan Club

April Ryan a political analyst on CNN and White House correspondent makes her daily rounds of bashing President Trump and race baiting.

She brings her race card to the press briefings when asking Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders questions and has implied on several occasions that President Trump is a racist. (VIDEO BELOW)

Now, conspiracy theorist April Ryan just went a step further attacking white women.

While on fake news CNN, April and the rest of the crew were discussing a statement made by Gloria Steinem in an interview with HBO’s Bill Maher. Gloria discussed Hillary Clinton’s struggle to gain the support of younger women.

Steinem, said that most women become more active in politics as they grow older, because women lose power as they age. Young women, she said, ask, “Where are the boys?” as in, “Who are the boys voting for?” The internet was ferocious and attacked back at her.

“It’s such a ridiculous thing to say. A feminist, basically saying that young women are incapable of having thoughts and opinions of their own. Unreal,” wrote a commenter on Reddit. (VIDEO BELOW)

During the segment on CNN, April Ryan said, “When Gloria Steinem said those married white women voted for their husbands ideology, not theirs….”

Another political analyst on the show interrupted April right away telling her that it was insulting for Gloria to say, April shot back saying “No, it’s not! No, it’s not!”

April basically agreed with Gloria in that “white woman aren’t smart enough to vote.”

Then, crybaby Don Lemon tried to put his two cents in “mansplaining,” so that April can win the argument. Watch closely and look at the other “white women” on the panel and their facial expressions. CNN is a mess!

Watch Below:

April Ryan should be fired from attending the White House press briefings and stop with the racist remarks. Do you agree? Let us know in the comment section below and share the news.


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