Scott Walker Takes Off Kid Gloves, Hammers Barack Obama


Scott Walker is in the political fight of his life. He has been at the helm in Wisconsin for years and even fought and won a recall effort a few years ago.

In other words, Walker is a street fighter and is used to winning and he sounded the alarm early and often that the GOP’s hold on Wisconsin was tenuous at best.

Enter Barack Obama who went after Scott Walker for his repeated attempts to repeal Obamacare and in particular the pre-existing condition clause. Walker is part of a lawsuit with 20 other GOP states that would erode the protections Obamacare afforded people with pre-existing conditions so Obama called him out over it. From Fox News:

Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday called Barack Obama “the biggest liar of the world,” in reference to the former Democratic president’s infamous claim that people could keep their health care plans under ObamaCare.

Walker, locked in a tight re-election battle with Democratic challenger Tony Evers, made the comments during a campaign speech in Waukesha with House Speaker Paul Ryan at his side.

Referencing how Wisconsin Democrats brought Obama in to rally voters last week, Walker mentioned how Politifact in 2013 rated Obama’s claim about keeping their health care its “lie of the year.”

“So, I guess if you’re going to lie about health care and pre-existing conditions, you might as well bring in the biggest liar of the world,” Walker said.


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