Sarah Just SLAPPED Disgraceful Nancy With Brutal Message That Will Embarrass Her

Image Source: MAGA Fan Club

While the government is going on day 2 and still shutdown due to obstructionist democrats who are putting illegal aliens over military and children, they are proving what everyone already knows: they are hypocrites and only care about votes.

The #SchumerShutdown is holding the government hostage and risking the health of 9 million children and the safety of our troops with their political games.

According to SchumerShutdown, here’s what is at stake:


  • 9 million children will lose their health insurance
  • This denied access could cause potentially life threatening removal of treatment


  • More than 2 million members of our military will not be paid until the shutdown ends
  • 100,000 national guardsmen will be sent home from training
  • Pilot Training will be stopped, impacting readiness
  • Training will be canceled for tens of thousands of reservists
  • 50 percent of the civilian workforce will be furloughed – impacting contracting, medical, maintenance, and morale

While republicans are trying to get the democrats to come to the table and make a deal for America, the dems were at a different table celebrating the #ShumerShutdown. Democrats have NO SHAME!

Jake Sherman from Politico, tweeted yesterday, “PELOSI hosting a dinner for all House Dems tonight at aqua al 2…..” (SEE BELOW)

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders re-tweeted Jake’s tweet, slamming Nancy Pelosi and ringing her out to dry. She tweeted the following, “Nancy Pelosi is “very proud” Democrats shut the government down over illegal immigration and is taking Democrats out tonight to celebrate. Nice message to send to the brave men & women of our military and border patrol forced to work without pay during the #DemocraticShutdown”

Nancy Pelosi is a piece of work and just proved exactly why President Trump won. The dems will continue to lose more of their base with stunts like this. The restaurant the dems went to eat at is Acqua Al 2 in Washington, DC. Check out the menu Nancy Pelosi treated Dems to.

Many took to twitter to respond to the stunt Nancy Pelosi pulled with the celebration dinner.

Enough is enough. It’s time for the #SchumerShutdown to end. Chuck and Nancy should be ashamed of themselves. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.


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