Ruth Bader Ginsburg Stuns Liberal Crowd With Forgetful Live Performance (Video)


Supreme Court judges should not be on the bench for life – they need term limits or we need some other way to keep the bench fresh and in step with America.

Take the case of Rugh Bader Ginsburg. The left would be mortified if she had to step down for any of the obvious reasons.

If this video shows anything, it is that Trump may indeed be making another pick to the court.

As reported by The Daily Wire: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg forgot the contents of the 14th Amendment while speaking to the National Woman’s Party in late August and needed an audience member to give her a copy of the Constitution so she could remember what it said.

The incident happened on August 26, 2018, when Ginsburg was asked to talk about the Equal Rights Amendment while addressing the audience at the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument.

“So you’ve written a few articles over the years about the need for the ERA … and you’ve of course noted that the ERA would give the Supreme Court a more secure handle in its support for equality,” said Jill C. Morrison, Executive Director of the Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellowship at Georgetown Law.

“But as you mentioned, as both a litigator and in your time on the court, you’ve actually built precedent in that area,” Morrison continued. “So could you explain why you believe that the ERA is still as needed today as it ever was?”

Ginsburg, 85, began fumbling for her purse — which an aide then brought to her — as she then searched for a copy of the Constitution that she supposedly carries with her.

She couldn’t find it.

Then a member of the audience offered up their pocket-sized Constitution for Ginsburg so she could talk about what she claimed was “a problem with the 14th Amendment.”


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