Rush Limbaugh Exposes Hillary Clinton And Her Liberal Followers As Worst Kind Of Frauds


Hillary was asked, “What do you think of Cory Booker … saying, ‘Kick them in the shins’?” “That was Eric Holder,” Clinton answered. Then she said the unthinkable…

“I know they all look alike,” she cackled as the audience laughed and she realized she was going to get away with it. “No, they don’t,” Kara Swisher who was interviewing Hillary quickly interjected but the damage was done.

Enter Rush Limbaugh: “‘They all look alike…That’s Hillary Clinton trying to save Kara Swisher for confusing Spartacus with Eric Holder, and Mrs. Clinton says, ‘Well, yeah. I know they all look alike.’ Swisher: ‘No, they don’t! No, they don’t!’ The audience at the 92nd Street Y starts laughing like they heard the best joke they’ve heard in a long time.”

“Now, you let anybody else up there be saying this stuff, and they are finished! I mean, it’s not even close. They are finished! If this was a Republican, male or female, they are finished.”

But not so with Democrats, who are given a permanent pass on such racially charged remarks. “With Mrs. Clinton, the 92nd Street Y audience in Manhattan starts laughing. It’s just greatest grand old time!” said Limbaugh.

“‘Everybody knows what she meant,'” he said imitating Clinton defenders. “Yeah? What did she mean? What does it mean, ‘Well, yeah, they all look like alike’? ‘Ha-ha-ha-ha!’ Everybody starts laughing. The woman who thinks that she should have been president, the woman who thinks she’s gonna be president, the woman who can’t wait to run again in 2020.”

Rush sure does make a good point about the absolute double standard and total hypocrisy that the left shovels out on a daily basis.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity let alone Paul Ryan, Trump or Lindsey Graham said this? It would 24/7 outrage, round the clock the GOP is a bunch of this and that. But Hillary? Gets a total free pass.


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