Roger Stone Breaks Silence On Steve Bannon’s Treachery


Roger Stone is coming out firing against Steve Bannon after the news broke the Bannon has been meeting with Bob Mueller of late to discuss allegations against Stone.

The issue facing Roger is what did he know about the Wikileaks emails and when did he know it and most observers believe he is the critical link Mueller would need to prove collussion of some type. Without a direct link between Trump and the emails or Russia, it would seem Mueller’s task to find collusion becomes near impossible as there are no laws against benefiting from your opponent’s clumsiness.

That said, Roger has been in Mueller’s sights for a while and he is bashing Bannon for his treacherous media leaks and what they mean to Mueller. Roger is claiming that Bannon leaked an email that showed he had advanced knowledge of Wikileaks actions which put him in this mess.

Roger wrote in The Daily Caller: More importantly my prediction of “a load every week going forward” is based on Assange’s own public announcement hours before-that there would be weekly releases going through and beyond the election and not any communication with Wikileaks or Assange. Politico reported this.

When Bannon’s minion Matt Boyle asked me if what Assange had was “good” I replied it was, based on Credico’s insistence the material was “devastating,” “bombshell” and would “change the race.” This turned out to be right, although — as I have testified — I never knew the content or source of the Wikileaks disclosures in advance.

Bannon’s animus toward me stems from a column I wrote for the Daily Caller arguing that he had outlived his usefulness in the Trump White House and should be fired. The next day, he was.

Bannon also told the Washington Post that the idea to bring the woman victims to the debate was his while the paper trail tells a very different story.

If the Grand Jury was told that either of my comments to Bannon were based on anything other than information I had already attributed to my source under oath or information reported publicly that day, they were misled.

What I am guilty of is using publicly available information and a solid tip to bluff, posture, hype and punk Democrats on Twitter. This is called “politics.” It’s not illegal.


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