Right After Trump’s Comments Leak, Look What Happened To His Support In African American Communities

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The media just got humiliated again. It what is almost a daily occurrence in the Trump era, the media loses again.

Look we all know they have an agenda – to make money by bashing Trump – and we all know it backfires every single day.

The media is like the gang who can’t shoot straight and the only group with more egg on their face as the days go by is the Democratic party.

The so-called resistance is getting thrashed and losing support.

The media will never report what is going on out in the real world as they prefer their preset narrative, whose main goal is keeping them in charge.

The media does see themselves in charge of the national debate and that is why they are so furious with Trump for going around them via social media and taking his case directly to the people.

And the results more than speak for themselves. While the media went nuts with Trump’s alleged remarks about shithole countries, they forgot a very important fact.

Most Americans agree with Trump to a degree on immigration.We want jobs to go to Americans first and while we are by far the most generous nation in the history of this planet, we do expect our leaders to serve American first.

That is what the media and the Democrats will never understand from their ivory towers. Out here in the real America, it is a dog eat dog world where most people are one accident away from being shut out in the cold.

Literally – we don’t have any job security and certainly struggle to save cash for a rainy day.

This won’t change overnight with Trump’s America first policies, but the fact that it is already having a huge impact (unemployment at the lowest level in minority communities in 50 years) means that when the policies fully kick in we will have a boom in every facet of American life.

When this happens the Democrats are doomed and the fact that it is already happening has the left terrified – so long as they keep people in bad situations and blame the GOP they get votes.

When the charade is exposed they will be screwed as a political party for years to come.

The polls, of course, reflect the new reality, even if the media will not report the shocking shift in African American support for Trump surging n the last year.

According to Breitbart,

Among black men, Trump’s “2017 average approval rating significantly exceeds his 2016 vote share,” admitted a January 11 article in the Atlantic by author Ronald Brownstein. “23 percent of black men approved of Trump’s performance versus 11 percent of black women,” said the article. That score averages out to 17 percent, or twice the 8 percent score he was given in the 2016 exit polls. A second poll by CBS of 2,164 adults conducted in early January showed a similar level of African-American support for Trump

The number one reason for the surge?

Jobs are plentiful and wages are up – especially in minority communities – because Trump put the American worker first.

And the American worker, despite what the media and the Dems will have you believe, is not stupid.


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