Schiff gets BUSTED trying to acquire “Naked” pics of Trump, IMMEDIATELY REGRETS IT. Trump DESTROYS Him on Twitter.


You just can’t make this stuff up!  Libtoad Congressman, Adam Schiff, the same one that tried to make the “nothingburger” Donald Trump, Jr. meeting into a bogus spy story, was outed yesterday for trying to acquire dirt and “naked” pictures of Donald Trump, prior to the 2016 election.   (VIDEO BELOW)

Two Russian radio comedians, famous for tricking American Politicians and celebrities, including John McCain and Maxine Waters, convinced Rep. Adam Schiff they were going to provide him recordings and naked pictures of, then candidate, Donald Trump.

Today, after President Trump got the word of Schiff’s colossal “PUNKING”, immediately destroyed him on Twitter.  We have included the audio (of the Russian’s pranking Schiff) below the Tweet, and have links to the John McCain and Maxine Waters pranks as well.   (AUDIO BELOW)

This morning after listening to the gullible  Schiff get pranked, President Trump tweeted the following:

source: Reddit

Here is the audio of Libtoad Adam Schiff getting PUNKED! (AUDIO BELOW…McCain and Maxine Waters links under that)

Click below to hear John McCain and Maxine Waters get PUNKED by the same Russian comedians:

John McCain Punked

Maxine Waters Punked


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