Right After New DACA Deal Leaked To Media, Tom Cotton Stepped In With Badass Power Move

Source: Screenshot

Tom Cotton is not backing down and America is grateful. Tom Cotton is a man who keeps or does his best to keep his promises and he is keeping the GOP in line on immigration.

Look, the immigration debate is complicated and like most things in Washington, something politicians kick down the road to the next guy because it is too difficult and they are too weak and cowardly.

Trump, as we all know by now is not a normal politician.

He takes on the big challenges and so far the results have been spectacular.

With the immigration debate intensifying and both sides using the media to try to gain an advantage, expect fireworks early and often and expect fake outrage from the liberal media when they don’t get their way.

Speaking of the media, they thought they pulled a fast one and just leaked details of a new bipartisan DACA deal (that will be released later today) to try to paint Trump and the GOP into a corner.

Enter Tom Cotton who shredded the deal and the liberal media who are pushing it:

“Might as well roll it straight into the trash can … mass amnesty far beyond DACA, fake border security, no end to chain migration.”

Do you agree with Trump and Tom Cotton on DACA or with the Democrats?


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