Right After Jim Acosta Called Her Tone Deaf, Sarah Sanders Shut Jim’s Mouth In Epic Fashion

Source: Screenshot

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is back and she was sorely missed. America loves Sarah for the way she handles such a difficult job.

She has by far the hardest job, save Trump’s, in Washington. Even the liberals respect her, grudgingly, for how well she does her job.

She takes on the liberal media and beats back their nonsense on a daily basis.

Today’s press briefing was an exercise in futility because it was all about Rob Porter.

Did General John Kelly know about the abuse allegations? Did Trump? Don McGhan?

On a day when Trump unveiled his massive infrastructure project, all the media wanted to talk about was a guy who got fired?

So typical.

One question about infrastructure, zero about Trump’s budget and only one question about Vanessa Trump being rushed to the hospital after some jerk sent her an envelope full of white powder.

Instead, Jim Acosta asked Sarah.

“What about President’s tweet over the weekend – it seems like Trump was believing Mr. Porter and not the victims? Is it because of his own sensibilities.”

Jim was trying to play a game and infer that Trump was thinking of himself and the women who accused him, rather than Porter.

Sarah said,

“The president takes domestic violence seriously and supports the victims…The President is just saying that there should be a due process.”

Acosta asked a follow up that proves he is a fool,

“Is there a tone deafness there, being on the wrong side of things?”

“I don’t think the president supporting due process is tone deaf? I think allowing things to be investigated and not letting an allegation being the determining factor – there should be due process.”

Jim tried to interrupt Sarah but she wasn’t having it and shot back,

“I think anybody here, if they were accused of something, hold on, I’m not finished…Jim, hold on. What I’m saying is I think anybody here, if they were accused of something, would want the opportunity to go through due process. That’s all we’re saying.”

Brilliant. Try again tomorrow Jimmy.



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