Right After Comey Bashed Trump’s Memo Release, The President Landed Knockout Blow For The Ages

Source: Screenshot

James Comey is not happy Trump is set to release the memo that the whole world is literally waiting to read.

The debate has been fierce in Washington D.C. over whether to release the memo, whether to redact the memo, or whether to let the Democrats release some type of counter memo.

The pundits are all appalled with Trump plans but quickly realized that there was only one man with the power to declassify and release this memo.

And his name is not Don Lemon.

No, the one person with the constitutional power to release the memo is Donald Trump. And Donald Trump alone.

So, Comey in a last-ditch effort to avert the inevitable came out with this tweet yesterday.

Trump wasn’t having it and put Jimmy Comey in his place this morning with a blistering attack.


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