Spot On Pat! Pat Sajak Announces the REAL Reason DEMS Would Not Stand at State of the Union.

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Pat Sajak knows EXACTLY Why Dems Would Not Stand at the SOTU

Sometimes it just takes a great game show host to look at things from a little different angle, looking past partisan politics, to discover the real crux of an issue.

Many people watching the State of the Union last night were baffled when they noticed that one half of the room full of lawmakers did not stand to greet the President of the United States when he entered the hall.

Many of the sour faced bunch did not even stand when they announced the First Lady of the United States.

After a while, I began to realize that the sour faced sitters, on the left side, were the Democrats and ebullient, standing, cheering bunch on the right, were the Republicans.

As the speech went on, the President spoke of historically low unemployment rates. The right side stood and cheered. The left, they sat and scowled. 

When President Trump vowed not to forget people suffering from natural disasters, the same thing happened again. The right side stood and cheered. The left, they sat and scowled.

How could the Democrats be so cruel and callous? These were not partisan issues.

It wasn’t until I checked Twitter after the speech, that it all made sense. That wise sage of Wheel of Fortune, and master-tweeter, Pat Sajak had it figured out.

“What a great prank! Somebody put glue on half of the seats at State of the Union Address!”

Spot on Sajak! You are the man!

Apparently, Pat Sajak and I were not the only ones who noticed what was going on.

** Do you think Democrats are a national disgrace or did they really have glue on their butts?  Please comment and SHARE!


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