Reporter Says President Should Not Get Credit for Economy, INSTANTLY Gets Schooled. (VIDEO)

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That Brian Karem, that wacky White House correspondent for Playboy is at it again.  He is not embarrassed to ask ridiculous questions, even  when they make him look like the world’s biggest dummy.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders came out and made the following announcement.  What happened after that will blow your mind!


We have some incredible economic news to share today.  JPMorgan Chase announced this morning that because of the Trump tax cuts they will raise wages for 22,000 of their employees, create thousands of new jobs and increase small business by lending four billion dollars in total. These moves are part of a 20 billion dollar investment plan for which JPMorgan Chase directly credits the passage of the tax cuts and Jobs Act as well as the president’s historic efforts to roll back job-killing regulations.

Also, Disney announced that over a hundred and twenty five thousand employees will receive $1,000 cash bonus and the company is investing 50 million dollars into a new employee education program.

Lastly, Verizon announced today that all of their employees, other than the top management, will receive 50 shares of restricted stock This amounts to about $2,500 per employee.


** After that, WATCH what Brian Karem asks!  You won’t believe it!  Either being a White House correspondent for Playboy is the world’s easiest job to get or this guy has lost his hearing and/or short term memory.   WOW!  Check it out!


Posted by Swamp Drain on Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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