Reporter Calls Trump a LIAR, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! Way To Go KATRINA!

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Katrina Pierson laid down the facts on Fox News with Howie Kurtz Sunday, and he seemed to be triggered by her responses. The Russia conspiracy theories are nothing but a bunch of over played, nothing burger-fake news, and it seems that is all the crooked liberal media (CLM) wants to keep peddling. False biased narratives and very fake news. (VIDEO BELOW)

Katrina was asked about Mueller’s Russia investigation and why President Trump considers it a phony witch hunt. She came back strong saying what we all know is true: (VIDEO BELOW)

There has been no evidence found. Even Democrats are saying we have no evidence. Collusion is NOT A CRIME. It’s a fabricated story, because look at where it’s origins came from. We are talking about the LOSING TEAM: the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the left. They lost the election. They claim their server was hacked, and it was leaked to Wikileaks.

“To this day, we have not seen the server. There has been no evidence put forth that this actually happened, and yet, this is a story and a narrative, and an investigation based upon an allegation from the losing team.”

*Liberals are not interested in proof, only propaganda and ratings. If there was anything of substance on Russia, it would have been leaked already. We are all tired of the phony Russia BS. (VIDEO BELOW)

**The election was over 9 months ago! When will the snowflakes get over it? Are you tired of the Russian Conspiracy theory that the mainstream media keeps pushing. SHARE this if you are, and comment “I Love My President” below. 🙂



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