Rapper 50 Cent Tries To Bash Trump On TV, Entire World Laughs So Hard Earth’s Knocked Off Its Axis

Source: CBS Screenshot

Rapper 50 Cent went on Stephen Colbert’s show last night and, as per usual, the topic was President Donald Trump.

At what point will the media get tired of talking about Trump? At what point will they stop bashing him and actually give him some credit for the tremendous job that he is doing?

Don’t hold your breath because when rap stars like 50 Cent think they are experts all bets are off and chaos is firmly in control.

Or hate – hate tends to lead to chaos so it was inevitable we would end up here – with a major media figure (Colbert) giving a platform in front of a national TV audience to a bankrupt rapper so he can take a few shots at the sitting president of the United States.

It is madness but it is the reality of how times.

Rapper 50 Cent said of Trump,

“To be honest, I think it was like an accident…He wanted to lose the presidency. He didn’t want the job…When something happens by accident, you’re not prepared for it. I think he was trying to get a great renegotiation for ‘The Apprentice.’”

50 Cent apparently read or was told about the new book out today about Trump because one of the more ridiculous claims in that book of whoppers is that Trump didn’t want the job.

Think of this – a billionaire who has a charmed life would choose to go into the intense fishbowl of Presidential politics…wait for it…that a man who had everything would choose to basically get a daily colonoscopy by the meida…wait for it because this is what this rapper wants you tp believe…a billionaire with the perfect life would give it all up because he wanted to…LOSE?

It is such a dumb statement that it begs belief yet the media has convinced this bankrupt rapper it is true and he convinced Colbert he should be listened to on the subject because he knows Trump.

The media has turned into a circus full of freaks, blinded by their hideousness, who cannot see how ridiculous they are being.

But it got worse – 50 Cent then started to talk about diplomacy like the expert he ain’t saying of Trump’s tweet to North Korea (that actually got them to pick up the phone and call South Korea, in other words, Trump’s approach worked when Obama, Bush, Clinton’s etc didn’t)

“That’s stuff you do in the neighborhood. Like if you know somebody got a problem with you, you’re like, ‘You want a problem? No problem,’…”He’s bluffing. That’s how you bluff. But you don’t bluff with the entire world. What the f–k?”

Look one of Reagan’s most successful foreign policy strategies was to be unpredictable and keep everyone guessing. It worked before and it seems to be working now, despite what the rapper and his buddy Colbert think. Share if you agree.


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