Rand Paul Calls For New Investigation And Maxine Waters Is Furious


Rand Paul is furious and he should be. After the disgraceful hit job on Judge Kavanaugh, the Democrats doubled down on stupid and went after three GOP Senators.

They released their personal information – phone numbers, home addresses, etc to the general public via Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a crowdsourced information site that allows anyone to make changes to the content but it tracks who makes the changes as well as what is changed.

In other words, the Democrats got caught again being shady. The IP address that made the changes was traced back to Capitol Hill.

We know it wasn’t anyone in the GOP doing it so it had to be someone on the left.

Certain publications accused someone in Maxine Waters’ office of being behind the new smear job – a charge Maxine vehemently denies.

“This unfounded allegation is completely false and an absolute lie,” Waters said in a statement.

“The United States Capitol Police and out internal IT specialist have determined that the IP address in question does not belong to my office or anyone on my staff,” Waters added. “The member of my staff – whose identity, personal information, and safety have been compromised as a result of these fraudulent and false allegations – was in no way responsible for the leak of this information.”

Rand Paul for his part is vowing to get to the bottom of this scandal.

From The Daily Caller:

Sen. Rand Paul called for an investigation Friday to determine and punish who published the personal information of three Republican senators during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who accused him of sexual assault.

“Yesterday there was an attempt to incite people by publishing the personal information of Senators – including home addresses – endangering them & their families,” the Kentucky Republican tweeted. “This should be  investigated & the perpetrators punished. There is too much hatred and violence in politics these days.”

Three members of the Senate Judiciary Committee — Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch, both of Utah — had their personal information, including their phone numbers and home addresses, posted on their respective Wikipedia pages shortly after each questioned Kavanaugh at Thursday’s hearing.

The unknown person who published the information was located in the House of Representatives, according to the IP address associated with the user who edited the Wikipedia pages.


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