Rahm Emanuel Sues Trump: “We Will Not Be Bullied”


Rahm Emanuel is suing the Trump administration again in what has become the new normal for the Democrats.

Their strategy is to use the courts to hamstring the Trump agenda but they should remember that the GOP tried the same trick with Obama with limited results.

Because the executive branch has enormous power and coupled with congressional control, the smarter play may have been to try to work with Trump.

But passions being what they are the left is boxed in having only one option to appease their base – be against Trump.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

The city of Chicago filed another lawsuit against the Trump administration Friday, this time to force the release of a $2 million law enforcement grant the government is withholding as punishment for Chicago’s sanctuary city policies.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel once again accused the administration of coercing the city by tying the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants to “new and unlawful” immigration enforcement policies.

“Instead of inviting lawsuits and attacking immigrants, the Trump DOJ should immediately stop placing illegal conditions on these grants, quit withholding grant funding, and allow Chicago to use these grants to improve public safety,” Emanuel said in a statement. “We will not be bullied, intimidated or coerced into making a false choice between our values as a welcoming city and the principles of community policing.”

Friday’s announcement marks the second time Chicago has taken legal action in connection with the Trump administration’ anti-sanctuary efforts in little more than a year. The city sued Attorney General Jeff Sessions in August 2017 after he announced new eligibility requirements for Byrne grants, including giving immigration agents unfettered access to local jails and notifying federal authorities 48 hours in advance of releasing criminal aliens.

A federal judge ruled in favor of Chicago, denying the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit and issuing a nationwide injunction against the new eligibility guidelines. Despite the legal victory, Chicago has not received its Byrne grant of more than $2 million for 2017, and is still waiting on an award letter for this year’s grant, according to the mayor’s office.


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