“RACIST” Michael Moore Revealed as HYPOCRITE by Black Journalist. Creepy Mike calls for July 4 DISRUPTION of Government.

Swamp Drain

When the new Liberal Radical Movement stages “non violent” protests they often become violent.  If they don’t become “violent” against other people, they almost always become “violent” against buildings, windows, cars and police cars. Hillary Clinton and George Soros backed Black Lives Matter and AntiFa radicals often enjoy “nonviolently” burning objects and buildings.  Now, Barack Hussein Obama is even training an army of these “nonviolent” radicals.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Film making slob Michael Moore is calling all Liberal Radicals to bust into their respective elected officials’ offices on July 4, 2017 and “non violently” protest”.  Moore has become a multi millionaire by preaching hate and encouraging violent radicalism.  Moore is a socialist who spends tens of millions of dollars on mansions but almost nothing on clothes or grooming.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Saturday night on a special edition of Hannity “The Left’s War on Trump”, Kimberly Guilfoyle discusses Michael Moore’s plan of attack with nationally syndicated radio host, Larry Elder.  Elder, a black man, calls Michael Moore out for being blatantly racist.  Please watch and SHARE this if you think Michael Moore, Kathy Griffin and these Radicals Leftists are despicable.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Posted by Drain The Swamp on Saturday, July 1, 2017

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