Prosecutor Who Questioned Dr. Ford Makes Shocking Admission And Dems Are Furious


Bad news for Dianne Feinstein’s smear campaign on Judge Kavanaugh. Rachel Mitchell came forward and dropped a bombshell on GOP Senators after she spent a day questioning Kavanaugh and Chrissy Ford.

What she said is important for a number of reasons. First, she admits that this thing could never in a million years go to a court – in other words, a total political hit job.

But more importantly, a woman this experienced in these matters saying that this is dead on arrival means the FBI will come to similar conclusions.

Too much time has passed for this hit job to be a criminal matter. So it is simply politics and when the FBI says we have conflicting reports from people (which they surely will) they will not come to any conclusion.

Which means it is garbage and the GOP (you Jeff Flake) will need to decide in one week. Will 35-year-old claims that cannot be proven ruin a good man?

That is the question Jeff Flake and Susan Collins will decide soon and America will be watching.

From The Daily Caller:

As reported by The Daily Caller: The sex crimes prosecutor tasked with questioning Christine Blasey Ford during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh told Republican senators on Thursday that Ford’s claims and the lack of corroborative evidence were not strong enough to take the case to a courtroom.

Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell spoke at a late-night Thursday meeting with the Republican caucus, where she briefed all 51 GOP members, according to The Washington Post. Based on the evidence presented during the hearing, Mitchell reportedly said that she would not have prosecuted Kavanaugh.

“Mitchell spelled it out and was clear with senators that she could not take this anywhere near a courtroom,” a source told Fox News. In fact, Mitchell reportedly said she would not even pursue a search warrant.

The prosecutor’s guidance may be especially important for Republican senators who have yet to make a decision on how to vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.


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