President Trump Stuns Entire USA, Officially Names 5 Biggest Leakers In Washington DC

Source: Screenshots

President Trump is a different kind of Politician – the un-politician if you will – and America can’t get enough.

Even the left covers his every move – face it liberals, Trump sells and in the age of 24/media only a master can cut through the clutter.

In 2020 the left better find someone who is nearly as good as Trump at working the media or they have zero chance.

And just an fyi – Oprah is not the one. She would get crushed faster than John Edwards.,

President Trump knows exactly what he is doing and the left is starting to catch on to his genius.

What they dismissed as random tweets and ego-driven domination of the news cycle has turned out to be actually a well-thought out plan.

It is by design how he plays with the media like a yo-yo. This does not forgive their rush to lie and distort to hurt President Trump, but it helps explain it.

And without a leaker or 5, the left and the media’s attempts to destroy president Trump won’t work.

It is a delicate dance of complicit partners with the same goal – to discredit the President and his administration while promoting the answer – more Democratic politicians.

It won’t work mainly because America tried the Democrats for the last eight years and we are not dumb enough to go back – if not ever, certainly not in the near term.

We, despite what the media will have you believe, have long memories.

To be fair to the media, some of the leaks plaguing Trump’s first year were by people jockeying for power behind the scenes.

This is surprisingly more common than you would think in the swamp though that does not make it right.

But the hysterical opposition has gone too far with their relentless leaking and it is dangerous.

While hysteria can be bipartisan, it is most commonly found on the left.

Combine that with President Trump’s very effective first year – he surpassed most expectations – and you can see why the left is in full panic.

While America applauded, the Democrats literally protested America and all the good things Trump is doing for America during his SOTU.

It was a disgraceful performance. But sadly that is all they have left.

Save the leaking – protesting America and leaking America’s confidential secrets is not a winning platform.

So leave it to Trump to humiliate them by exposing the 5 biggest leakers in the whole swamp.

And of course, they are mostly Democrats.


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