President Trump Comes Forward, B*itch Slaps Jake Tapper In Front Of Entire USA

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Hapless Jake Tapper and the rest of the mainstream media went all in on the new gossip-filled an anti-Trump book by Michael Wolff. (VIDEO BELOW)

The book has exploded across America and left the liberals reeling because besides the few bombshell quotes by fired aides and advisers (very common in DC for ex-White House staffers to settle scores in books, happens to every administration) the book doesn’t really reveal much new.

Instead, it reinforces what we already know – Trump ran against the corrupt establishment (both sides of the aisle) and in an attempt to bring the country together created a west win culture that included all sides of the debate.

He, as he said he would do on the campaign trail, would let the best idea win. So it is natural that competing interests compete inside the White House for policy supremacy. (VIDEO BELOW)

Look, Trump ran as a new kind of candidate – protecting social security and Medicare from Paul Ryan and the other radicals while promising to get rid of the Democrats tax and spend philosophy that is slowly bankrupting the country.
It is what the American people want and have wanted for some time – someone to reach across the aisle and make the politicians do what is right for the American people.

The book is just the last gasp of the dying establishment trying to keep power and Stephen Miller, a close aide of President Trump went on CNN with Jake Tapper today and went right after the hapless Tapper.

“It’s tragic and unfortunate that Steve would make these grotesque comments so out of touch with reality and obviously so vindictive” (VIDEO BELOW)

“The President’s tweets absolutely reaffirm the plainspoken truth: A self-made billionaire revolutionized reality TV and tapped into something magical that’s happening in the hearts of this country.”

“Not only do I think they help it, but I think in the toxic environment that you’ve created here and CNN and cable news, which is a real crisis of legitimacy for your network.”

A flustered Tapper couldn’t handle the truth and cut off Stephen Miller as he went to a commercial. (VIDEO BELOW)

President Trump immediately went on Twitter and bitch slapped the hapless Tapper in front of the entire nation.



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