Pres Trump TRIGGERS HollyWood & MEDIA With Three EPIC Words

Image Source: longroom

President Trump is in fact a ‘GENIUS’ and a master at distracting and triggering liberals with Tweets– while he gets actual policies and leading the country done.

Saturday morning he sent out a series of tweets after the release of Michael Wolff’s book of lies and garbage, and the crooked liberal media questioning his “mental fitness.

President Trump set the trap and the snowflakes all fell for it.

With three epic words, he triggered them early in the morning, and got back to work making America Great Again.

The President wrote on twitter that his past accomplishments make him not just smart, but a “VERY STABLE GENIUS” – and Hollywood and media fell for the trap!


Scott Adams was quick to notice and point out: “Who made every one of his critics pair his name with the word “genius” for the next month? #snapgoesthetrap”

Clever Scott!

Hollywood and the crooked liberal media were instantly triggered and weighed in:

What do you think of President Trump’s new name? “Very Stable Genius”. Let us know in the comments below.


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