POW!! (VIDEO) The Dishonest Press just got SLEDGEHAMMERED by Trump!! Here’s the New Rules….

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“There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald Trump!” Herman Cain

No presidential candidate in the history of our country has ever been opposed, attacked, and slandered by the press as much as Donald J. Trump has been in this past election. Virtually all of the major players that make up the liberal, left-leaning, “mainstream media,” went out of their way at every junction to try to help Hillary Clinton “cheat to win”.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Well, guess what folks? It didn’t work. The crooked media picked on the wrong guy, and “we the people” PICKED The RIGHT GUY! Let this be a notice to the press, and all forms of the crooked media. Effective January 20, eight days from today, there’s a new sheriff in town. His name is Donald Trump and you’ll be playing by his rules going forward. 


Yesterday, President-elect Trump held his first real news conference since the election. You will notice how rude the CNN “fake news” reporter was to the president-elect, and just how patient President-elect Trump was with his rudeness. After the news conference Sean Spicer, the new White House Press Secretary, put that bozo on notice. If he keeps that stuff up he won’t be around.

Here is a short clip with Bill O’Reilly highlighting and recapping yesterday’s press conference. After that, we have included TRUMP’S NEW RULES for the media and press conferences.


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“Not since Richard Nixon has the national press corps been so determined to bring someone down.” Bill O’Reilly


Trump’s New Rules for Media and Press

Rule 1-  Forget ALL the old rules. This includes the layout, seating, and       protocol for the White House Press Corps.

Rule 2-  Trump won’t hide from the tough questions if they are fair. If they     are unfair “attacks,” –Trump will be Trump, White House or not, and he WILL hit back.

Rule 3-   President Trump will determine HOW the message gets to the press, and to the people. Trump makes the call, you (the press) do not.  If HE wants to use Twitter and go straight to the people, that is what he will do. 

Rule 4-  Covering the President should be treated as “privilege,” and not a “right. This applies to all the various media outlets, as well as individual reporters.  

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(VIDEO) AWESOME!!! HERMAN CAIN: We’ve got a new Sheriff in town and his name is Donald Trump.

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