POW! Mason Weaver (Former Black Panther) Blows The Roof Off And Destroys John Lewis!

Screen Shot from Tucker Carlson Tonight

On Monday night of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Tucker Carlson welcomed former Black Panther party member Mason Weaver, who came on, and ultimately DESTROYED John Lewis. Mason Weaver takes on John Lewis, the Congressional Black Caucus, for teaming up with the “oppressor” democrat party. (VIDEO BELOW)

This is one of the best, most honest interviews, I’ve seen in a very long time.

Take note: a former BLACK PANTHER is saying this about the left. Wake up crybaby liberals!

“The Democratic Party has always been the party of abuse, always been apart of the Klan, the party that went to war to keep slaves, the party that’s always been the destruction of black people.” Weaver stated.

“Mr. Lewis you have presided over the destruction of black America and you owe us an apology!” Demanded Weaver.

“He’s more concerned about Trump being an illegitimate president, but your’re the illegitimate congressman!” Weaver adds, referring to John Lewis .

Watch video below: 


Wow! Mason Weaver just destroyed John Lewis! POW! If you agree with Mason, share his message with a Trump friend and a whiny liberal.


Image Source: TDNewswire.com


Show President Trump we care!!!

Thank you and God Bless!


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