POW! Lou Dobbs Delivers KO PUNCH to Obama’s Interfering!

Image Source: Screen grab Fox Business, edited by SwampDrain.com

Obama promised to be quiet and go away, but he keeps interfering and meddling with Trump’s administration in the shadows. Obama is a political schmuck trying to keep his failed and toxic legacy, while “training” other political puppets behind closed doors, working against President Trump. (VIDEO BELOW)

Historically in the past, outgoing presidents have stayed silent and given way to newly elected presidents. However, Obama out of office for only a few months, is interjecting in many of President Trump’s plans. But now, Lou Dobbs has something to say, and delivers a KO punch to Obama’s interfering. (VIDEO BELOW)

“And actions are conscious, willfully insulating, and subversive.” lou dobbs

Listen to Lou Dobbs on why he believes Obama is interfering with the Trump administration below. (VIDEO BELOW)



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