Planned Parenthood Unveils Pro-Abortion License Plates: 263 Sickos Actually Buy Them.

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I wish I was making this story up.  Unfortunately, I’m not.  Hard core liberals have no shame.  In Nebraska, at least 263 of them are driving around with Planned Parenthood, pro-abortion license plates on their cars,  And, get this, they’re paying $70 per year for the privilege of doing so.


(VIDEO BELOW) reports:

The Planned Parenthood abortion business has been on a mission to defend and promote abortion. In the latest effort to brag about abortions, Planned Parenthood is now unveiling a new pro-abortion license plate.

 The new Nebraska license plate would have the silly and unscientific slogan, “My body my choice.” Never mind that an abortion involves the body of an unborn child who scientifically could never be the woman’s body or part of it.

The new abortion-supporting license plates will cost an additional $70 for drivers. It appears Planned Parenthood has enough applications to support the plate and it told state officials that 263 Nebraska drivers went to promote abortion on their vehicles.

Why the nation’s biggest abortion business thinks that Nebraskans want to have a pro-abortion license plate on their vehicles is a good question. It appears that the abortion company falsely thinks most Nebraskans support abortion even though it is one of the most pro-life states in the country.

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Posted by Trumpster S. Thompson on Saturday, October 28, 2017



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