Pelosi MIND MELTS Continue! Watch! Even Dems FREAKING OUT! It’s time for the Farm Old Nance!


Senile Nancy Pelosi has completely gone off the deep end once again, leaving many to wonder if her brain capacity has deteriorated past the point of no return. (VIDEO BELOW)

Pelosi joined Chris Wallace Sunday to discuss the many issues her failing party is facing. Nonetheless, it look just seconds for Pelosi to stumble and fall short again(VIDEO BELOW)

When asked what her thoughts are on General Kelly taking on the role of Chief of Staff, 77-year-old Nancy Pelosi struggled for what felt like an eternity when trying to remember which Department he led. (VIDEO BELOW)

Nancy can’t remember what she had for lunch. Well, we just love Dingbat Pelosi. She’s bad for the Democratic party and great for Republicans. We keep WINNING. 🙂 (VIDEO BELOW)

Partial Transcript:

CHRIS WALLACE: “It’s now back to the drawing board for healthcare reform after the Republican plan to repeal and replace imploded on the Senate floor. Is the solution to Obamacare, bipartisan compromise? Joining me now is House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. Leader Pelosi, welcome back to Fox News Sunday.”

NANCY PELOSI: “Good morning, my pleasure to be here.”

CHRIS WALLACE: “Thank-you. How much trouble is this President in, and do you think that putting General Kelly in there will make a difference?”

NANCY PELOSI: “Well, let me take the second part — I hope so. I look forward to working with General Kelly. I have worked with him — well — Secretary Kelly, at…..uh…er….the Department of Homeland Security. So I will be speaking with him today.”

(h/t The Gateway Pundit)

Full interview below:



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